Coconut Shell Charcoal

The process

Raw or burnt coconut shells are collected from hundreds of farmers all over the indonesian archipelago. We have several refinery factories that collect thousands of tonne of raw  or burnt coconut shell directly from the farmers.


All of our charcoal is screened first to remove any foreign materials or under burnt charcoal pieces.

This step is carried out for both natural and granulated coconut shell charcoal.

Burning and screening


Granulated coconut shell charcoal is our preferred form for coconut charcoal export.

Our uniquely designed continuous one line process, cleans and sorts the coconut charcoal, removing all foreign matter. Via conveyer belt, the coconut moves to the next stage of the process.

Granulating the coconut to your specifications is the next step. We can granulate to any specification suitable for all activated carbon processes.

(6x4  6x8  6x12  8x16  8x30  etc.)

Large volumes of all sizes are available.  


Drying is a very important part of our process and we have built purpose built rotary dryers that get the moisture content down to the perfect level.

While we still use the traditional sun drying method, the final drying (and all drying during the wet season) is carried out by our rotary drying machines.

See the video below for a demonstration.

We take quality control very seriously. Each one of the production steps is scrutinised for any imperfections as we strive to keep our customers happy.

Packing, Stuffing and Dispatch

The end process is the packing, stuffing and exporting of our coconut shell charcoal all over the world.

As the bags come off the production line, they are weighed in their woven PP bags to 20Kg (or to the customers specifications). They are then stacked on one tonne pellets and moved to a shipping container.

We can either load  using pellets directly or hand load to maximise space, if that is your preference.

Again it is up to the customers instruction how the loading procedure occurs.

Our main export destination is the activated carbon plants in China and other South East Asian countries.

At present our capacity is 2000 tonne per month which is growing rapidly.

The End Product

Activated Carbon

Coconut shell charcoal is the corner stone of any quality activated carbon product. Activated carbon can service all of mankind using any form, from liquid to gas applications in water treatment, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and medical, automotive, air purification, mineral extraction in gold mining, petroleum and gas purification, energy storage (batteries) and many other uses.

Below is a video from Norit a leading world wide pharmaceutical manufacture.

The demonstration shows the ability of activated carbon in water filtration.

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