Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Bakulan Nusantara specialises in the manufacturing of high quality food grade coconut shell charcoal briquettes.

The world is now preferring to use coconut shell charcoal over wood and bamboo because of coconut charcoals unique properties.

Coconut shell charcoal burns longer, has no odour nor taste, no smoke and only produces 2 - 2.5% ash.

Our high grade granulated coconut shell charcoal is turned into powder and then moulded into any shape or size our customer specifies.

Packaging and graphic design can all be done in house. We can therefore reproduce your own design, print and pack, according to your specifications.

Custom Orders

All briquettes are conveniently packed to your specification. The individual sizes can be matched to your own requirements as well as the sizes of the boxes for packaging.

We can package 500g, 1 Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg boxes or bags of briquettes

Custom graphic design, printing and packaging available

Standard Technical Specifications

Fixed Carbon Min.             78.3%

Calorie                               7163 Kal/Kg

Heat Content Min.             300c

Volatile Matter Max           13.4%

Moisture Content Max        4%

Ash Content Max.              2.5%

Ash Colour                        White

Ignition Time Max             10 Min

Burning Time                     2 hours

Bakulan Nusantara exports to over 10 different countries. Each county has its' own requirements for different characteristics of the briquette.

We control the whole manufacturing process from the shell to the briquette.

This makes sure that the coconut shell charcoal powder for the briquette is clean from ash and foreign materials. This gives equal burning of the briquette with no smoke and less ash.

Customers may require different colour ash. We can achieve this by using a select grade coconut as you can see below. The 100 % select grade coconut shell briquette is a light colour compared to the 100 % standard grade coconut shell briquette on the right. We can also add 10% special hard wood to make the ash a stabilised white colour, as you can see from the left hand picture below.

Our powder is fine as possible, less then 2mm so all surfaces can ignite and burn evenly.

Coconut shell charcoal briquettes are environmentally friendly, replenished quickly, zero carbon footprint.

No taste when used in a pipe (hookah)

No odour when burning

No smoke

Very little ash  

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Quality is extremely important to us and also our customers.

So each batch is tested for ash content, burn time, moisture and ignition time.

The video here shows how you can measure the ash content accurately.